Call for Papers (tentative)
International research project to mark the 200th anniversary of The World as Will and Representation: The New Century of Schopenhauer

This research project is financially supported by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS, No. 17H02281) and is calling for papers focussing on the second international Conference "The World as Will and Representation Re–read ― the whole conception, the central themes and <Schopenhauer and the Orient>" between 19 and 22 February 2019 hosted by the Ryukoku University (Omiya campus) in Kyoto/Japan. The project team works closely together with the Japan Schopenhauer Association. Further, two international conferences (with calls for papers) will be held in October 2019 by the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Germany, and in Japan in February 2020 by the Nihon University in Tokyo/Japan.
(For the program of the first conference in February 2018, please see the following website:
Young scholars are particularly encouraged to apply. We expect papers that can broaden the horizon of Schopenhauer research.

Terms of application
Eligibility: All welcome
Deadline: October 15, 2018
Language: German or English
Selection panel: The project team’s editorial committee (double blind peer review)
Publication: The papers given at the conference will be published.
Travel Expenses: Up to two applicants selected by the panel will be supported to attend the conference with flight (economy class) and hotel.

Terms of submission of the paper
1. The paper must be related to at least one of the following topics [1] to [3].
[1]About the whole conception of The World as Will and Representation. [2]About one or more main themes of The World as Will and Representation. [3]About The World as Will and Representation and “the orient”.
2. Format und Submission
(1) Please submit your paper as an e-mail attachment in MS Word DOC/DOCX or PDF format (no scanned file) with the subject "Submission to the Call for Papers" to the secretariat of the research project. The secretariat reserves the right to request the printed version and/or the text on a data storage device (e.g., USB mass storage) by airmail if necessary.
(2) Size: A4. Side margins top: 35mm, bottom, left and right: 30mm. Font and size: Times new roman, 12 pt. (whole text). Character spacing: Normal.
Lines and pages: 30 lines per page, maximum 10 pages. (Or a total of 300 lines including title, text, footnotes, etc.)
(3) Please pay attention to the following points for the peer reviews.
* The name, the affiliation, the address, etc. of the applicant should be written in neither the paper nor the summary. This information should only appear in the text of the e-mail.
* If the applicant chooses to quote his own book or article, this should not be phrased like "in my book" or "in my article", but in a neutral way, similar to other books and articles.
(4) Please also submit a summary, with particular emphasis on the originality of the paper (about 300 words).
3. Evaluation criteria: Please see:
4. The editorial committee will evaluate all the proposals and decide which to accept for the conference. You will be informed of the outcome as soon as possible, at the latest by the end of November 2018. If the applicant wishes, he/she may get the points according to the abovementioned evaluation criteria. Unfortunately any hardcopies of submitted papers and materials cannot be returned.
5. If your paper is presented at the conference copyright will be retained for possible publication purposes by the research project team.

Secretariat of the Japan Schopenhauer Association
c/o Prof. Takao Ito, Soka University, 1-236, Tangimachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192- 8577, Japan